22nd September 2023 

Professional Imagemaker - Photography Magazine

Professional Imagemaker

Our magazine Professional Imagemaker is published 6 times a year and is free to all members of the SWPP.

The magazine features photographers profiles, lighting tutorials, posing workshops, Convention updates, Monthly Image Competition results, plus much more.

Whilst most our members specialize in weddings and portraits we also cater for nature and wildlife, landscape, sports, commercial, press photographers and about any other photographic genre you can think of.

Members can now benefit from accessing one of the largest archives of photographic information and articles from our Professional Imagemaker archives. With superb publications of our leading magazine now available through our iOS app and online (mobile-friendly) facility, members can read through the complete archive at no additional charge. The archive is continuously being added to and members will gain access throughout their membership period.


Articles from Pro Image Maker also feature on other societies sites.